It can often be quite daunting to attend a dance class for the first time so we've put together some information that is useful and should remove some of the anxiety of your first visit!  Please also see the Etiquette page which applies to dancers of all levels.


What do I wear?

Modern Jive is a relaxed and casual style of dance and the clothing most people wear reflect this.  We do of course have occasions where we all dress up but generally for lesson nights please wear what you feel comfortable in.  This can be jeans, tshirts, formal shirts, dresses, skirt, blouses etc.  It may be what you feel comfortable in for a night out in the pub with friends or family.


There are a very few exceptions but do include stilletto heels as these can damage dance floors and are not allowed in many venues.  Please also have consideration for other dancers where more revealing clothing may be off putting - this applies to both the boys and the girls!


To make dancing easier you may want to consider a smoother sole on your shoes.  Trainers can be worn but the more grippy soles can make movement difficult and could result in knee problems later on.  On the other hand very smooth soles could be too slippery, we don't want you to fall over!  Different venues also have varying degrees of grip so some people take more than one type of shoe, this may be something to consider later on.  There are also specific dance shoes available, typically people will wear the less formal dance sneaker which are generally comfortable all evening.  Alternatively "posher" shoes are available; we would recommend our friends at Julz Dance Shoes as a first port of call but a search of the internet will locate local shops where you can of course go to try shoes for size and comfort.


Class Nights

Our class nights follow a familiar format where we open doors around 7:45pm and start with our beginners lesson at 8pm.  This generally takes around 30 minutes in our main room and is followed by a short middle freestyle; this is when everyone gets their first chance to dance to music and try out those new moves.


At 9pm we start our intermediate class where we teach some more advanced moves.  However at the same time we also run a repeat of the beginners class in another room.  This gives beginners the opportunity to review the same moves and to get extra help from our beginners teachers.  This will usually be a much smaller class where we can help you with the moves and give you more confidence.  This section takes around 45 minutes and at the end we have our main freestyle where everyone can dance to great music up until 11pm.


Each week we teach 3 basic beginners moves and usually expect people to move on to the intermediate class after 6-8 weeks.  Don't worry though if you need longer, eveyone is different and there is also no problem if you want to come back into the beginners class at any time.  It's much better to be able to dance the few basic moves well, than dance intermediate moves badly!


And finally...

Enjoy yourself, it's all about having fun, socialising and maybe even getting a bit fitter!

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